Call to Worship – 22nd December 2019

The Following is The Call to Worship and first 30 minutes of worship I used on 22nd December 2019. You are very welcome to use all or part of this Call to Worship in any way.

Welcome to the house of God.

If you are visiting today we welcome you here.

We are here to remember and celebrate that moment in history when the long-awaited promised Messiah came.

And guess what?! – it was none other than God himself.

The second member of the Triune God who took on fresh, Fully God and Fully man in one person – Jesus. The son of God, the Son of Man.

You see, at creation, God walked with Adam and Eve, but that bond was broken by sin and rebellion. Now, God had at last begun what would be a grand act of redemption through Jesus.

Let us Pray

Father we thank you for Jesus – For you so loved the world…

Pray for those affected by bush fires…

In the Name of our King – Jesus… AMEN

The Bible Project – The Birth of Jesus, Luke 1-2

(STOP just after 4:10 Last line: “Jesus is here to bring salvation by turning our world order upside down.”)

SONG: What A Beautiful Name


CAROL: O come all Ye Faithful


CAROL: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

THIRD READING: Luke 2:15-20

CAROL: Silent Night

SONG: King of Kings

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