The Lord’s Supper – 11/08/2019

The Following are my notes when I led The Lord’s Supper on 11th August 2019. You are very welcome to use all or part of this in any way.

Let us come around the Lord’s table. Focus on the completed work of Jesus Christ.

If you are visiting with us today and you have put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ you are very welcome to participate in remembering him. You are also welcome to allow the cup and bread to pass you by.

In the beginning the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit crated this beautiful world we live in. Humanity was in perfect relationship with him.

But sin entered though one man – Adam, and all humanity has been affected and we have been separated from Him.

God raised up a nation – Israel and revealed his righteous law to them.

The Law is Good, but it reveals one glaring thing: All have sinned against God, and fall short of His Glory.

We are all dead in our sins without Christ.

But God begin rich in mercy, has made us alive together with Chrsit.

It is by Grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone that salvation is found … that is, the restoration of our true purpose – to bear God’s image and be in relationship with our God; Father Son and Holy Spirit.

All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved!

And Christ, who right now sits in the heavenly places will come again – and on that day He will make all things right.

A new heavens and earth – we will be with him for eternity.

As the ushers had out the cup and the bread, please listen to the following song and take these in remembrance as you feel to do so.

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